Construction Management: Revision Control, Installation Tickets, and Reel Inventory

CableMatic Builder

With a completed cable schedule, whether created using the Aeries Software, or simply imported using the Cable Schedule Import functionality, the CableMatic Builder software is ready to go to work. This module is operated by the constructor and utilizes issued databases that are sent to the Builder by engineer, usually through the cable routing software. These databases can be sent on an incremental basis, for example every three months or based on phase completion. Alternately, for instance when using the software on an EPC project, the databases can be linked to export engineered data directly to the Builder on a schedule set by the user for a more 'real-time' connection. As data is sent to the Builder, data is also being sent back to the engineer using the CableMatic Plus software to verify all members are 'on the same page'

Using the tools provided, the Builder is able to add cable reels as they are delivered on-site, organize cable pulls, and is even given access to a read-only view of the model to visually inspect the routes of each cable and view the pull calculations associated with each pull using the a construction version of the raceway design software. These tools make pull planning much more efficient, allowing the virtual change of properties in a pull to test the ease of the pull based on properties such as raceway size, type, and the direction of the pull.

With pulls planned, the Builder creates installation packets by customizing the data they feel is important to the pull including cable reels and QA/QC checks. These tickets can be generated for raceway installation, cable pulls, cable terminations, as well as the cable and wire markers needed to complete the installation; cable and wire markers are also one-hundred percent customizable. This information can also be generated without accountability factors for the use of system walk-downs for a seamless turn-over.

As the project continues, the Builder is notified of all relevant engineering changes that occur for a complete revision control system.  Reports can be generated automatically by batch processes to be issued routinely to those responsible for installation. This includes changes that have occurred for items that have already been complete, including 'Lost Work' reports, and changes that have occurred that haven't been completed, yet have been issued for completion to an individual crew... this gives the Aeries administrator the ability to notify those that have old information and remove it from production before a loss of work occurs. 

Take a look below for some of the more powerful features of the CableMatic Builder software, including the relational comparisons included in the CableMatic Plus and TrayMatic software.

  • Work Package Creation
  • Start-Up System Creation
  • Pull and Termination Ticket Printing.
  • Pull and Termination Ticket Status updates
  • Progress and Inventory Reporting
  • Cable Reel Length Tracking.
  • Pull Calculations
  • Pull Planning based on
    • Similar Raceway
    • Similar Equipment
    • Similar Route
  • Cable and Wire Marker Printing
  • Status Updating by Barcode
  • and much more...



CableMatic Builder Deliverables

  • Cable pull, termination, and raceway installation tickets, cable reel inventory, cable bill of materials (BOM), progress reporting, and common cable pull and raceway reporting.