Aeries CARS Electrical Engineering & Electrical Design Software Support

As you use the Aeries CARS electrical engineering software there may be...

  1. Special Request Software Developments:
    1. A special request function could be anything.  These type of additions are prompted by the needs of our users.  If you or a member of your team is involved in a workflow that, one, can be automated, and two, isn't a special case (e.g. project specific), we may add it directly to Aeries CARS.  In our minds, anything that will help the electrical design process overall should also help the electrical design software being used to automate that process. 
    • When these requests are made, they are generally to assist you with functionality in your company's electrical engineering or electrical design workflow (e.g. a task, a calculation, etc.).  Once the team has tested these items internally, they will be released here for you to download, test, and verify to work as expected.
  2. Tools designed to make installation easier:
    1. Some of these tools include automated registry entries, .dll registration, config files that may have been accidentally deleted from your PC, or any other PC specific need that you may run into.
  3. Windows updates required for the software to work properly:
    1. Certain Windows updates, specifically with the Windows 7 Operating System, are required for the software to run as expected.  These files are easier downloaded from the appropriate Windows Updates pages from Microsoft and are not longer being included on this page as a result; our apologies for this inconvenience
  4. Patches for the software:
    1. A patch could include one or more items that have been added, or modified, due to unexpected results experienced while using the software.  The need for a patch can be reported by a user or found internally by the Aeries CARS team.  Regardless of how it is found, in the case of emergencies (e.g. project outage), the electrical engineer, electrical designer, or electrical contractor can download the necessary updates right here for an immediate implementation.
  5. Additional support from other user in the community:
    1. As a member of the Aeries CARS Team, you have access to the Aeries CARS Community Bulletin Board.  This site is used for a multitude of reasons:
      1. When Aeries creates videos, tutorials, or instructional documents on how to use an individual module of the software (e.g. routines to run before cable routing or how to use a newly released design tool), they will appear on this site under the 'Tutorials' section.
      2. Demonstrations of the current software, on a more in-depth level, are displayed on the 'Demonstrations' page.
      3. A forum is also provided giving the user access to other users of the Aeries CARS software that may have encountered a similar design issue.
      4. ** If a copy of the end user license agreement, or EULA, is needed it can be found on the EULA page.​​​​​​​

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