3D Raceway Modeling with Duct Bank Design


TrayMatic is utilized for cable tray design, conduit design, and duct bank design within a 3d modelling software.  This software offers an easy to learn, and easy to use, method to produce an automatic bill of material, automatic annotations, and automated cross sections with a 3D raceway design.  As your design is created, the information exported to our CableMatic Plus software for automated cable routing.  The time required to design trays and route both above and underground conduits is drastically reduced using the automation tools provided with the software.   

The equipment designed in the LoadMatic software is placed using your preferred CAD tool and stored in the Aeries CARS database.  With equipment placed, the TrayMatic software can auto-route your tail-end raceways using our 'Quick-Bid Estimating' tool... this includes estimated cable routing for the run!  Alternately, the software will allow the user to design the raceways intricately for large runs, such as underground duct banks or cable tray systems, or small runs where the designer may be supplying very specific details to a fabrication team construction.

As your model becomes more complete, with equipment located, areas defined, raceways designed, and cables routed, the TrayMatic software is packed full of useful tools to help keep your data manageable.  TrayMatic will find commodities that are related to each other in any way; whether the you're trying to find all raceways connected to a specific equipment, all cables routed through a series of raceways, or all of the equipment a cable connects to... TrayMatic can do it!  Using this interconnectivity makes it easy for work Packages to be assigned to items that share like paths, systems, or other similar properties.  Once assigned, these work packages are then included in the deliverables to better organize the construction team; work packaging is extremely beneficial for larger projects.

As your equipment, raceway, and cable list becomes populated, the user is given an option to highlight and/or navigate to the commodity right in the model... this includes the cable routing!  The CAD drawings depicting the model can included external references assigned via your CAD system or the TrayMatic software, and automated to generate and save directly to your server using batch processes and your task manager while the office is empty! 

This type of automation allows the administrators to rest easy while eliminating the possibility for an employee to be designing around outdated information.  Where drawings aren't necessary and reports are preferred, the user also has the option to export the information to a report format to share with other members of the team.  These reports, much like all reports in the Aeries CARS Software Suite, are completely customizable, and can be included in your system's batch automation to ensure the same consistency among employees.

After the model is complete, or a specific area within it, the TrayMatic annotations functionality is used to generate your raceway annotations and duct bank cross sections, then automatically create your Bill of Materials!  There are multiple styles, options, and variations to choose from so all of your project needs can be accommodated when creating your deliverables.  As project revisions occur and these annotations have to be updated, the user makes the changes in the user interface and simply updates the drawings!  This eliminates the need to crawl backwards over countless deliverables looking for a single raceway's size to update in cross sections, or the ID of an item to update in annotations.

Review of the customer feedback suggests the underground concrete and duct bank design has proven to save over ninety percent of the effort required on most jobs. Below is a bulleted list showcasing the major functions.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Cable Routing (via CableMatic)
  • Drawing generation automation tools
  • Automated tray tagging
  • Automated Conduit tagging
  • Automated Underground conduit cross sectioning
  • Interoperable with 3D plant design systems
  • Output for 3D clash detection; i.e. Microstation
  • Pull Calculations
  • Duct Bank Concrete reporting
  • Raceway Fill Reporting... including visual depiction of problem areas in the model



TrayMatic Deliverables

  • A cable tray drawing with annotations and bill of material.
  • Screenshot with duct bank, cable tray, annotations, and cross sections.