Automatic Cable Scheduling and Cable Routing

Cable Scheduling is a critical part of the electrical engineering and electrical design process. Normally, the flow of data is from the P&ID application to the instrument application. This data can be imported from these applications into our software designed to create load schedules and panel schedules, or it can be imported directly into our cable scheduling software (CableMatic Plus).  If our automatic one line diagram software (LoadMatic) is used, the data is shared with CableMatic using a central database, helping to eliminate data redundancy and costly errors.

Central Databases Keep Data Synchronized

     An image depicting the relational database used in the Aeries Cable  and Raceway System.



Once in the Aeries system, the data is utilized intelligently to assist the user throughout the processes of electrical design. When using the Aeries CARS software suite, the cable scheduling software uses this same central database for automatic cable routing, cable scheduling, preparing raceway schedules, and creating bills of materials.  In addition, accurate revision control is maintained over changes made during the design of the project; this ensures accurate installation in the construction environment.  As deliverables are created, they can be issued to the construction team on a scheduled basis, or on a nightly/daily basis, either using the construction management software or using the deliverables created along your design process.  Either method can be used, at any time, dependent on the needs of the project.

Electrical Design and Automation Tools

     Other electrical design and electrical estimation tools exist in the cable scheduling software, such as base raceway design according to directions selected by the user.  This method is built for speed and is generally used in cases of smaller above ground conduit design... for instance where the details of the route will be the responsibility of the construction team, or a 'Field Run' conduit. 

     Alternately, your electrical raceway system can be designed semi-automatically using our TrayMatic software where a more intricate detail is necessary... such as duct bank design and larger diameter 3d conduit design and cable tray. Raceway systems that are created in our raceway modelling software are imported to the cable scheduling software automatically for the user.