Aeries Cable Routing and Electrical Design Forum

At Aeries, support for our software solution is our primary concern.  With this in mind, we've created as many avenues to contact us for questions and answers as possible; this forum is another method.  

Use this page to find answers to frequently asked questions and to search tips and tricks posted by those who are experienced with the software.  If you can't find an answer to one of your questions, whether it be related to electrical engineering, electrical design, or any of the tasks the software is capable of, or anything else you may encounter while using the software, post the question here and a fellow user or one of our team members, will answer as quickly as possible.

The Forum section is broken down and separated into five basic categories based on the software being used.  A basic outline of the forums and forum content has been included below.

A collection of user questions, answers, and scenarios tied to the Aeries CARS LoadMatic software.

  1. LoadMatic - Load Center Design

    • The automatic creation of one-line diagrams and wiring schematics.
    • The proper creation method behind creating the AutoCAD block templates used in drawing creation.
    • Observations made while generating electrical load schedules or panel schedules.
    • The LoadMatic setup process tied behind the entry tables for load calculations and automatic cable sizing.
    • Suggestions, requests, or anything else of the sort related to Power Systems Engineering using the LoadMatic software.

  2. CableMatic Plus - Automatic Cable Routing

    • Using the Aeries Wintab tools to interact with the databases containing the project's electrical design information.
    • An explanation of errors found during the automatic cable routing process.
    • An explanation of methods used during the 3d raceway modelling process and how they work with the cable routing methods used in the software solution.
    • Question, answers, tips, and tricks surrounding the user customizable cable scheduling, raceway scheduling, and equipment scheduling functionalities nested in the Aeries CARS electrical engineering software.
    • Suggestions, requests, or anything else relating to cable routing with the CableMatic Plus software

  3. CableMatic Builder - Installation, Revision Control, and Construction Management

    • Questions on the customization methods used to create raceway installation tickets, cable pull cards, cable termination cards, quality assurance & quality control (QA/QC).
    • Information on the how contractor installation and progress is tracked in the field.
    • Methods for the customization of progress reporting and the reports built in used in revision control for items that have already been installed in the field, as well as those that are currently being prepared for installation.
    • Proper reporting techniques used in monitoring revision control for installed commodities with design changes.
    • Tips & Tricks related to the creation of work packages used to group and install cables and electrical raceways on the job site.
    • Suggestions, requests, or anything else of the sort related to CableMatic Builder.

  4. TrayMatic - 3d Raceway Modelling and Duct Bank Design

    • Information related to the design of 3d electrical raceways and raceway systems (cable tray, conduit, duct bank, etc.) using the TrayMatic software.
    • Questions related to the automatic drawing annotation and cross section processes used when creating deliverables for the project in your chosen CAD software (Autodesk, Revit, SP3D, etc.)
    • Ideas centered around custom cable tray fittings and conduit bend radii as it applies to pull calculations using the Pull Calculator.
    • Questions tied to the correct segregation methods used in order to communicate correctly with CableMatic Plus for seamless cable routing.
    • Suggestions, requests, or anything else of the sort related to the 3d modelling module of the software solution named TrayMatic.

  5. Aeries CARS Suite - Project Setup

    • Information on methods utilized to import previous data from projects completed, eliminating redundancy when creating your projects with Aeries.
    • Information on using customizing the spreadsheet interface to match your company's needs per project.
    • Questions surrounding raceway type and cable type catalog setup needed to properly separate cables during the automatic cable routing process.
    • Information regarding the proper methods used in load sizing, cable sizing, breaker sizing, and the some of the common tables used between software solutions.
    • Suggestions, requests, or anything else of the sort related to the proper setup of an Aeries CARS project.


In addition to the help provided here on our forum, we've also created an internal SharePoint (accessible from the link above if you are logged in that all of our verified users have access too.  This connection created between your company and Aeries gives you direct access to the Aeries support staff via Microsoft Teams.  Included in the SharePoint is a collection of lunch-and-learn recordings, recordings of live trainings that may have been given to your company, and any meeting recordings that have been requested.


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